Dr. Angelica Browne's German 302 Student Projects

Winter 2015

Dr. Angelica Browne's German students continue to delight you with original and highly creative short films. This winter quarter the students of 302 Advanced Conversation and Grammar Class wrote and produced charming films.

Wanderlust [Wanderlust]

is a beautifully acted and professionally filmed love and life story.

Please watch it on Youtube


Stimme in den Schatten [A Voice in the Shadows]

The pseudo-horror comedy, Stimme in den Schatten: A Voice in the Shadows surprises with a delightful ending. 

Watch the video on youtube. 


Hans und Frank: Ein Tag im Leben [Hans and Frank: A Day in the Life]

is an experimental film about a day in a life of CalPoly students

Watch it on youtube. 

Hansi & Gretchen and Die Geteilte Stadt [the Divided City]

Both Hansi & Gretchen and Die Geteilte Stadt: the Divided City address the themes of the post-war German history, interlacing them with well-known fairy-tale motifs (Hansi & Gretchen)and current issues of Californian life and politics (Die Geteilte Stadt).

Please watch Hansi and Gretchen here and Die Getelite here



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