Berlin, Schloßbrücke
Berlin, Schloßbrücke

Herzlich Wilkommen!

The German program at Cal Poly consists of language and culture courses, a German minor, and several extra- and co-curricular activities, including major-specific exchanges with the Munich University of Applied Sciences, the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, and the Stuttgart Media University, as well as a wide variety of study and internship abroad options.

At Cal Poly, we offer three full years of German courses:

  • First-year German: German 101, German 102, German 103
  • Second-year German: German 201, German 202, German 203
  • Advanced-year German: German 233, German 301 or German 302, German 305 
  • We also offer upper-division courses taught in English (German 350, WLC 310) 

German Course Schedule

  Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Summer Session
First Year Ger 101 Ger 102 Ger 103  
Second Year Ger 201 Ger 202 Ger 203  
Ger 233 Ger 301/302 Ger 305  
Upper Division
  Ger 350   WLC 310

Statue in Vienna
Vienna, Mozartdenkmal




Note: German course schedule is subject to change. Please contact Dr. Christian Anderson for advising.

A student who comes to Cal Poly with limited or no experience in German should begin with German 101. All other students should contact Dr. Christian Anderson to discuss the appropriate placement.

Students interested in pursuing the increasingly popular German Minor should also contact Graf von Anderson. Students who study abroad in a German-speaking country have found fulfillment of the German Minor requirements to be quite manageable, as have students who remain in California.

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